The Most Comprehensive Program to Transform Your Life,

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth,  and Connect With Spirit

Achieve peak performance in your personal and professional life as you awaken to your inner guidance, make your life more fulfilling and meaningful and strengthen your spiritual connections in 9 weeks without confusion, distrust or self doubt

By the end of this program,
you will

    • Achieve deeper inner calm and peace through grounding, sharper focus and discipline for better meditation

    • Attain greater joy and happiness and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life
    • Unblock your highest purpose and live life intentionally, while discovering your “True North”

    • Trust your intuition and expand your spiritual connections while increasing your confidence with communication with the spirit world
    • Make a tangible impact on the world as you awaken to inner guidance, find direction and see how to help others

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    When you enroll during this special,
    limited time period, you’ll get:

    Spiritual Development Academy

    • 9 Implementation Modules taking you step by step through a detailed framework to uncover your purpose, make a more significant impact on the world, answer your higher calling, spiritualize yourself, and connect with the spirit realm and divine guidance with confidence.

    • A Complete, Step-by Step Roadmap to accelerate your spiritual growth and connect with spirit. This will enable you to go from feeling spiritually lost and distrustful of your spiritual connection to feeling confident to fulfill your highest purpose, accelerate your spiritual growth and strengthen your connections with spirit.

    • Advanced, Practical Exercises to amplify your results and enable you to confidently implement all the content you learn as you progress through the course. The more you practice these exercises, the more benefit you receive.

    • Next Level Strategies showing you how to begin living a more spiritual life, realize your higher calling and connect with divine guidance and spirit.

    You’ll be given instant access to one module per week so that you have more than enough time to jump into the lessons and implement that portion of your development BEFORE you move onto the next one.

    We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most self improvement efforts.

    Plus These Bonuses to Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum (and Keep it) in Your Spiritual Transformation

    *Choose the VIP Experience and also get these extra bonuses :*

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    Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:
    Spiritual Development Academy
     - $2,497 value

    Plus Bonuses Valued at $1,200

    • 9 weeks of Live Q&A - $450 value

    • Meditation Workshop - $350 value

    • 9 Weeks Email Access - $100 value

    • Psychic Development Course - $300 value

    When you add it all up, that’s a value of $3,697

    Add the VIP Experience bonuses worth $3,300

    and the total value jumps to $6,997

    PLUS there is a 100% money back guarantee

    But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

    Spiritual Development Academy - Alone

    12 Monthly Payments of

    $147 USD

    A One-Time Payment of

    $1,497 USD


    VIP Experience

    12 Monthly Payments of

    $249 USD

    A One-Time Payment of

    $2,600 USD

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    Modules are released every week for 9 weeks. You’ll have lifetime access to the content and any future updates, so you can return to the material at any time and learn at your own pace.

    Module 1
    Adopt a Positivity Mindset and Find Your Purpose

    In this introductory module, we'll cover how you can get the most from this course over the next 9 weeks. You'll review what you truly are striving for and what you short-term and long-term goals are.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Explore your goals and why you feel you haven't been able to achieve them before and what's holding you back.

    • Discover that your success in this course depends on your efforts.

    • Learn about the Accountability Pod and be taught how you can navigate around in the course so you can always get back to a place you feel you want to return to.

    Module 2
    Adopt a Positivity Mindset and Find Your Purpose

    Learn how to change the way you think about your life and the world around you as you find your “True North” and realize you can be so much more than you realize. There’s a magnificent, loving and courageous person inside you just waiting to manifest once you allow it.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Ground yourself and become more calm to bring your life back into balance

    • Unblock your purpose so that you will be open to that calling when it arrives

    • Maintain an attitude of gratitude to help you see just how fortunate you are

    • Concentrate on your joy and positivity in order to feel more energized and upbeat

    • Live your life to the fullest to help you savor every moment of your life

    • Focus on serving others in little ways and begin to make an impact on the world

    Module 3
    How to Improve Your Spiritual Living

    In this module, you’ll discover different ways to live your life in closer harmony with your purpose and with the higher vibrations of love. As a result, you’ll begin to establish a stronger spiritual connection as you understand it. You’ll uncover ways to make your spiritual practice a higher priority in your life.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Develop greater patience to lower your stress levels, lighten your spirit and improve your inner peace

    • Express loving kindness to expand your compassion and raise your vibrations

    • Practice forgiveness and learn to forgive yourself and gain greater compassion

    • Be more mindful and aware as you focus on the here and now, slow down and appreciate all the beauty in your life

    • Develop a consistent meditation practice to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

    • Be open to signs from the Universe and become aware of a reality that’s greater than the physical existence in which you live

    Module 4
    Spiritualize Yourself

    Learn how to focus on the spirit within and raise its vibration to help you better understand and develop your personal relationship with a benevolent higher power. You will explore different spiritual qualities and acquire multiple spiritual practices to enable you to strengthen your connection with the divine and spirit.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Achieve a broader awareness of your spiritual nature as you understand the difference between spirituality and religion

    • Gain a greater connection to your own true essence, the spirit realm and divine guidance

    • Learn different spiritual qualities helping you grow to a greater version of yourself

    • Practice different meditations to raise your spiritual vibrations and help you connect with your inner spirit, the spirit realm and the essence of all creation

    • Receive guidance from you higher self as you begin to write letters to your soul

    Module 5
    How to Focus Your Mind

    Here you will master different ways to control your mind, prevent distractions from shifting your attention and gain methods to maintain discipline of your mind to increase your receptivity and focus. You will learn the different types of meditation and the numerous benefits to your physical, emotional and spiritual health, while adopting a meditation style that resonates best for you. As a result, your meditation practice will become more effective and your levels of peace and serenity will improve.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Gain greater control over your busy “monkey mind” and increase your focus

    • Maintain your attention and prevent distraction from emotionally charged events

    • Acquire increased levels of discipline to stay in a receptive and focused mind

    • Achieve a receptive and focused mind to offer a blank slate to spirit

    • Learn how to stay centered and increase your levels of trust and acceptance

    • Practice different exercises to sharpen your mind focus and discipline

    Module 6
    Tap Into Your Power Source

    Everything in existence consists of pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. In this module, you’ll understand that since you are truly energy, you have the ability to tap into that energy and harness it at will. I’ll discuss your body’s seven primary energy portals, the existence of seven energetic layers or subtle energy bodies and how you can use these to establish a connection with your higher self, spirit and the divine.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Utilize the great power inherently within to strengthen your connections with spirit and bring healing to others

    • Work with your energy portals to strengthen your links with the spirit world

    • Understand that the only thing holding you back are your self limiting beliefs

    • Discover that everything is connected, as all energy comes from Source Energy

    • Know the meanings of and work with the different colors in the Aura for energetic healing and other spiritual work

    Module 7
    Improve Your Intuition & Sensitivity

    In this module, you’ll learn how to become more aware of the energy around you, including yourself, other people, the spirit realm and the divine. You’ll also increase your sensitivity to that energy so that you expand your empathy and compassion and learn to better discern between different energies. As your sensitivity and intuition improve, you’ll learn how to gain greater insight and meaning from spiritual connections, explore your own true essence and receive help with your own development and journey.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Develop a greater awareness and connection to others, to spirit and to the divine

    • Increase your empathy and compassion and more easily express your emotions

    • Gain heightened understanding from energetic messages from the spirit world

    • Learn the language of your own soul or higher self and connect more fluidly

    • Expand your journey of development and gain greater spiritual understanding

    Module 8
    Learn About the Spirit World

    Understanding the world of spirit is an important part of your journey and overall development, for we are all spirits in a material world. The more we learn about spirit and their love for us, the better we’re able to comprehend why and how we can connect with them. Here, you’ll discover that the spirit world is a state of love, compassion and joy.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Know the difference between your imagination and communication from spirit

    • Learn what spirit is, where it lives, how it exists and the ways it relates with you

    • Realize that spirit is not dangerous, like Hollywood would like you to believe

    • Discover that spirit can see and hear everything you do and remains with you

    • Learn what spirit guides are, how they work with you and guide you on your journey throughout your lifetime, both in the physical and non-physical

    Module 9
    How to Connect With Spirit

    Now that you have raised your vibrations and spiritualized yourself, you have arrived at a culmination of everything you’ve learned so far. Many people assume that communicating with the spirit world is either something only a select group of alleged “gifted” individuals can do or it’s something that’s dangerous. In this module you’ll discover neither is true. You can connect with those in spirit, especially your loved ones, for your own gifts are just lying dormant beneath the surface. The bonds of love are eternal, and it’s that love energy that spirit sends back to you for healing.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Raise your vibrations further and connect with the Love That Knows No Bounds as you learn to heighten your spiritual power

    • Discover different ways to create a link with spirit to find one that works for you

    • Learn how to hold your link, remain focused and boost your power if needed

    • Understand what a contact is like, how it differs from you imagination, why it might not be clear and how you might lose it or can’t connect at all

    • Repeat exercises on how to strengthen your contact and increase your power

    Module 10
    Create Your Sacred Contract

    In this final module you’ll get ready to take your next steps with greater confidence. You’ll learn that you need to commit to more small, right actions in order to help you make a bigger impact and serve your community. To help you follow through, you’ll sign a sacred contract with yourself in order to stay committed to your desired vision. When you make your dreams tangible, miracles can occur.

    Module Highlights:
    This module will enable you to

    • Step beyond your former limiting beliefs and achieve a life you only dreamed of

    • Expand your levels of confidence and know you are here for a reason and you are exactly where you are meant to be at the exact right time

    • Focus your efforts on serving others by committing to lots of small, right actions

    • Commit to achieving your desired vision of yourself and your world

    • Celebrate how far you’ve already come on your spiritual journey and look forward to faster, more accelerated spiritual growth

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What people asked before signing up for Spiritual Development Academy:

    Q: What’s the pace of the course? Would I be able to do this on my own schedule since I work all day and I’m very busy?

    A: The modules are delivered once per week via email access in short formats that are easily digestible. To support your progress through the course, there is a weekly Q&A with Chris to cover any questions that came up during that week’s content. You also have lifetime access to the course material, and any updates as well, so you will always be able to return to the course and refresh anything you would like.

    Q: How is the course content delivered to me?

    A: Each week you’ll receive an email that enables access to a new module with all its content contained in it. This may include videos, slide presentations, PDFs, audio files or more. You’ll be able to review all the content at your leisure when you have time in the privacy of your own home and when you have the attention to devote to the course.

    Q: Why does this course feel a bit out of my price range?

    A: This course is packed with so much value that it is far underpriced for what it delivers, and the material is offered at a 50% discount as well as numerous bonuses. Spiritual Development Academy is a course that transforms your life (priceless by itself) and offers countless benefits as it does this. Other courses say they will do this, but they don’t have the step-by-step framework to implement a dramatic life changing process that SDA has. To support your progress through the course, there are weekly Q&A sessions with Chris to cover any questions that came up during that week’s content, as well as email access directly with Chris during the course period. You also have lifetime access to the course material, and any updates as well, so you will always be able to return to the course and refresh anything you would like.

    Q: Is there some type of interactive element involved with this course or is everything up to me and my ability to focus?

    A: There is a weekly Q&A session with Chris that will help keep you accountable for staying on schedule with the course as well as answering any questions or concerns you have as you progress through the course. These sessions also offer you a give and take from your teacher so you have better feedback. Additionally, you have access to Chris during the 12 weeks of the course so you can gain clarification of issues you may experience. Furthermore, you have access to fellow SDA classmates you can interact with and ask questions of during the course period.

    Q: What is your refund policy?

    A: You have a risk-free, 100% money back guarantee that comes with your purchase of Spiritual Development Academy. If after your purchase you feel this course is not right for you, simply reach out, and we’ll completely refund your investment.

    Q: I’m not sure online learning works for me. Is there a way to add a personal 1 to 1 element to this course so it’s more tailored to fit my needs?

    A: Yes! You already get 9 weekly Q&A sessions with Chris to not only help keep you accountable but quickly get you unstuck. Additionally, you also have 9 weeks of direct access to Chris through email to answer specific questions or concerns you have. However, if you feel you need even more personal attention, then you can opt for the VIP Experience that will give you 4 personal 1 on 1 sessions with Chris to help you tailor your development specifically to your needs.

    Q: I’m not sure SDA is right for me. How would I know?

    A: You’re right for SDA if you’re seeking to make your life more fulfilling and meaningful as you search for your purpose and attempt to heal both yourself and others and improve your connection with spirit while achieving greater inner peace. You’re also a fit if you’re an individual who has felt a calling to do something greater with your life, but you’re uncertain where to start, unable to focus on how to progress and unsure of your ability to truly make a difference. Perhaps you’re feeling ungrounded with an overactive and undisciplined mind that interferes with your attempts to relax, gain greater peace or begin a meditation practice. Maybe you’re experiencing the pain and heartbreak from the loss of a loved one and you want nothing more than to communicate with them but don’t believe you can, you’re distrustful of the process and are afraid of what might happen when you make that connection. In all these situations, you would be a perfect fit for SDA.